I got the opportunity to create the invites for this brand called Aashni + Co

I usually have collectors asking me to make private commissions or paintings for them. This was so different I felt I had unlocked a new potential within me. Which was to approach fashion brands or get approached by fashion brands to create a concept.

The concept was that the owner of this brand felt her life had come to a full circle. She moved to London at the age of 21 and opened here first ethnic Multi-brand store there. But now she had the opportunity to open her second store which was in Mumbai. The boutique happened to exactly open where the Sabyasachi’s store used to be. It was a moment for her that felt like a full circle.

To be honest It did not feel like a commissioned project but I was more inclined towards how beautiful careers can be if you pursue something religiously. It was like I need to make something amazing for her or it won’t justice to her hard work.

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