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Abhay Sehgal

Abhay Sehgal is an Indian-born contemporary artist who did his BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago. Abhay focuses on the style of Surrealism by interpreting dreams and psychology. He is an artist residing in Delhi and has graduated from the School of the art Institute of Chicago. Abhay executes his thought process through paintings, illustrations and animations representing the ideologies of fear and fantasies. Creating works that indulge the minds of all and bring reality to the forefront of nature’s fantasy. Originally Abhay’s passion lay in Visual Effects but with time he has been exploring more mediums in order to create the perfect blend of art and technology.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I enjoy associating modern-day problems with everyday objects in life. My works focus on concepts of psychology and fear in the Digital realm. The unintentional thoughts in my head are a combination of surreal objects in a realistic environment. My pieces are based on the personal perspective of every human’s life and how it differs from the third perspective. There are times when both of them are right. Our personal actions are justified from the heart but judgements differ when heard from a third party. The thought that amuses me the most is how our actions will be justified when it comes to humanity. Somewhere far away if our lives were played as movies even the best and worst actions might have a parallel perception. The carousel of life consists of some mainstream elements such as love, anger, fear and death but we forget the importance of consciousness and destiny. The two energies : one coming from the soul and the other from the world. At a specific moment and time all these energies align and lead to something which we call as “ Destiny “ Why can't we psychologically see these things all together ? It might be impossible in life but I believe it's possible to lay those emotions and analogies as a composition which makes this series of illustrations as “ Surreally Extraordinary” The outputs in my piece act as a bridge between his intended thoughts and the audience's perspective which gives it an ambiguous narrative

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