The Title itself suggests Chaos. As a composition I have chosen to use different analogies that get along with the theme of Forwardism and progressiveness. How ambition creates absolute chaos but what a successful soul maintains is a balance of mind. This composition portrays an inside brain of an ambitious soul. Different analogies used are :

A sitting horse in a dim light with hands : Symbolize how our hopes keep fluctuating but the legs never get tired of chasing what’s needed. Therefore sometimes its need to take a breather and observe which makes the horse sit ironically in that manner

A penguin balancing different objects over his head : stress and multitasking go hand in hand but why do we choose to jump instead of walk. Penguin walks like he is limping technically it would be impossible to balance the cups and cards but there is a swan covered in a ceramic texture assisting him, symbolizing a call for help doesn’t make you a smaller person

The curved roaring Tiger : Being aggressive doesn’t mean being angry there are ways of being aggressive without being loud. Calmness is one of them.

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