Wanted to post a heartfelt note about the first event I hosted and participated in. It’s always been art galleries but this was different. I decided to participate in the most fascinating event “ COMICCON” The event I used to always go to when I was in college Just to get inspired. I would run to comic con thinking i will be getting inspired and would make networks which could be of good use. Collecting business cards front, right and center I would be smiling thinking I am getting a direction and 5 years down the line. I had my own booth at comic-con. I was so nervous and excited. Was wondering if anyone would dig the idea that I had in mind. Reactions were better than I thought everyone loved that they saw something original based on a concept. Combining this idea of Indian history and superheroes was an impulsive decision but did wonders for me. The idea was to curate something original and showcase my creativity. This was the first event I myself participated in. The hard work and anxiety paid. Special thanks to @sai_mehr for helping me curate this event. Wouldn’t have been possible without you. Looking forward to much more events from now on. 

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